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Add UDACT and Reporting Points to NFS2-3030

Adding UDACT Reporting Points to NFS2-3030

  1. Add a UDACT node using the same node address as the panel
  2. Determine how many reporting points you will need.
  3. Under ACS mapping set the Board Type to UDACT for as many consecutive ACS tables you will need.
  4. Add the Loop and Device or Module address to the ACS boards. It is best to not leave any blank lines. If you do you will need to change the “FUNCTION”  in the UDACT’s  “Zone and Point Assignments” table from the default FIRE ALARM to Disable.
  5. After all your devices/modules are in the ACS Tables, go to the UDACT General Settings page. Under communications select “Point Reporting, Receive/Transmit”, then enter the start and end ACS tables used.
  6. Go to UDACT Zone and  Point Assignments. On the right side of the page, locate and select “Auto Populate”
  7. The program will import all the points you entered in the ACS(s) tables and select the “FUNCTION” based on the Flash Scan Type of the input device.
  8. VERIFY the Function is correct. If the system cannot determine the proper function it will default to FIRE ALARM. This includes empty slots.
  9. Go to Reports and select “Central Station” from the drop-down list. This will provide you with a single report listing all vital data per point.