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Program PROWIFI card in LTEM Communicator

The LTEM communicator has slots for add-on modules. One of these modules is the PROWIFI module. The module is inserted into the upper left-hand corner of the LTEM. 

The PROWIFI module is field programmed using your phone and a Bluetooth connection.

You must first have the AlarmNet360 app on your phone and an AlarmNet 360 login. If you do not have a login, contact the alarm programming system support department.

AlarmNet 360 on the App Store (


How to manage Wi-Fi connections for LTEM-P series communicators with the AlarmNet 360 app - Resideo - YouTube

The Basics:

1. Launch the AlarmNet360 App and log in.

2. Click the menu icon in the top left corner.

3. Place the LTEM communicator in pairing mode by pressing and holding the red reset button for 3 seconds, Three lights will blink together when in pairing mode

4. Select "Connect a device to the internet"

5. Follow on-screen instructions.

6. After the WIFI card is connected to the WIFI network go to the account settings page and verify at the bottom that the communication path is set correctly. Click on the Check mark to save then SEND DATA to update the communicator.